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March 26th, 2021 — Sea Otter Canada returns this fall and we are pleased to announce our new partnership with Horseshoe Resort.

With the event being sidelined in 2020 due to COVID-19, Sea Otter Canada’s celebration of cycling will take place September 10 -12, 2021. Horseshoe Resort located just 1 hour north of Toronto and 20 minutes from Barrie will play host the Sea Otter Expo featuring leading cycling brands, the latest products, demo bikes and a complete program of races, rides and family activities. The Expo is free to everyone where you can immerse yourself in cycling culture, enter contests, enjoy great food and beer, all in a safe and scenic outdoor setting.

“The Horseshoe Valley area is a cycling hub. Horseshoe Resort is surrounded by world-class mountain bike single track, rolling roads, gravel trails, and we’ve invested heavily into building the only lift-access mountain bike trails in the Province. As cycling-enthusiasts who have admired the Sea Otter Classic from a distance, we are thrilled to be the host venue for Sea Otter Canada this fall! This event will provide a much-needed outlet for competitive and recreational athletes to come together over a shared love of riding on two-wheels’ said Jonathan Reid, VP of Ski Resorts, Horseshoe Resort.

Sea Otter Cycling Canada Partner and event co-organizer Chris Robinson commented, “Horseshoe Resort is the perfect location for Sea Otter Canada in a region known for its extensive trails and rolling roads. The resort is ideally suited to host the Sea Otter Expo and our planned program of events with great access from Toronto and the surrounding regions. Horseshoe’s excellent accommodation and extensive facilities are ideally laid out for the 3-day festival that will attract hardcore cyclists of all descriptions and family enthusiasts alike.”

The dirt events program is planned to include Downhill, Enduro, Dual Slalom and Cross Country. Sea Otter’s Scarecrow Gravel Ride will cover varied surfaces over multiple distances, the perfect early fall ride through Simcoe County’s beautiful rolling hills. The Sea Otter Hub & Spoke will include varied courses incorporating points of interest and places to stop in the area surrounding the region. The complete schedule of events and registration will be announced in May.



Why is it called ‘Sea Otter’?

  • Our tongue in cheek answer is ‘because Sea Beaver was already taken!’
  • Seriously though, we are Sea Otter Canada. Sea Otter Canada is an extension of the iconic Sea Otter global brand with Sea Otter Classic (arguably the world’s largest cycling festival) in Monterey, California in its 30th year.

If I enter an event do I have to buy an Expo pass?

  • No! Entry to the Expo is free to everyone. So, you can engage with all of our Exhibitors, visit our food vendors, relax in the beer garden and generally soak in the great vibe and cycling culture.
  • Demo passes will be available for $10 / day.  Passes will soon be available for purchase online or can purchase on-site. The Demo Pass will allow you to try out bikes of all kinds offered by many of our Exhibitors, subject to each Exhibitor’s specific terms of usage.

What is the refund policy?
Our refund policies are designed to be fair to everyone. Generally, if you enter one or more of our events, once you have signed up and paid your event fees, refunds will only be granted for medical reasons.  Additional specific terms may apply to each event. Please be sure to review the policies outlined on the registration pages.

Weather: What happens in the event of inclement weather?
We will do whatever we can to ensure that all rides and races are completed but safety always comes first. Here is what may happen in the case of inclement weather…

In the event of light to moderate rain, and the absence of any lightning, our goal would be to proceed with the scheduled event so long as road and/or trail conditions permit. If there is lightning in the area, the event may be placed on hold. The hold will be kept in place until we are confident that the weather has passed or changed course and the event will not be affected. If lightning is still in the area or remains a possibility during the day, distances may be limited for the road events and course conditions will continue to dictate for the dirt events.
If after a one-hour weather hold conditions remain uncertain, the event may be cancelled. The hold may be extended after taking into consideration safety and other factors such as:

  • Other scheduled events may interfere with the execution of your event.
  • Increasing traffic on bike courses as the day progresses.
  • Paid duty police schedules.
  • EMS and medical support schedules.
  • Race venue permits limitations.

Because all of our events take place outdoors, weather conditions can play a big factor in every ride or race. A large portion of the event fees collected have already been allocated and expenses incurred prior to the event day. As such there will be NO REFUNDS DUE TO WEATHER CANCELLATIONS. Registered participants will still receive their ride/race kits. Thank you for understanding these policies.


Other Important Information


  • Helmets are compulsory for ALL events.
  • Full face helmets are mandatory for the Downhill, Enduro and Dual Slalom dirt events.
  • Chin straps must be fastened anytime the rider is on their bicycle.

What other types of protective gear should I wear?

  • All downhill riders 17 years of age and under are required to wear full-face helmets, elbow, forearm, shin, knee, chest and back protection (backpacks with integrated back protection are acceptable) at all times while on any downhill trail on the resort.
  • Full face helmets are mandatory for the Downhill, Enduro and Dual Slalom dirt events.
  • Chin straps must be fastened anytime the rider is on their bicycle.


  • Drafting can be dangerous to you and other riders unless you have experience. Please conduct yourself accordingly.


  • Cyclists should keep to the right at all times, unless passing. Alert fellow cyclists of your intention to pass by saying, “on your left”.

Ride / Race Courses

  • Riders must follow the prescribed course (road route or dirt / off-road trail) in all segments of the ride/race as defined for your event.

Ride / Race Instructions

  • It is the rider’s responsibility to read all supplied information provided in the ride/race kits and posted at the race site. It is of the utmost importance that all riders listen to verbal announcements given by SOC staff and ride/race volunteers.


  • Everyone participating in the events wants to have a fun and safe experience. Please respect your fellow riders, event staff, support personnel and volunteers.

What do I get for my registration fee besides entry to the race?
Timing: All of our rides/races are supported with timing services provided by Zone 4. Your ride/race kit will indicate the timing particulars for your event(s). To be included in the timing results you must wear a timing chip which will be provided to you upon check-in at the registration area on site.
NOTE: Timing chips are the property of Zone 4 and must be returned as instructed when you receive your chip device. Participants will be responsible for returning timing chip devices according to Zone 4 requirements.
Prizes and Awards: Prizing for each event is detailed in your ride/race kit.

What else do my registration fees pay for?

  • Professionally run top-quality events that are fun. Sea Otter Canada is proud to partner with ‘Best In Class’ event operators.
  • Police services for control on the roads.
  • Traffic control materials such as barricades and cones.
  • On-course rest stops and aid stations.
  • Portable Toilets.
  • First Responders and first aid services.
  • Medical personnel including Paramedics and Ambulance on standby.
  • Course marshals.
  • OCA sanction fees.
  • Permits and venue fees.
  • Race day insurance.
  • Race numbers (bikes and clothing).
  • Timing services.
  • Race staff and crew services and expenses.

Cut-off Times

Cut -off times will be listed in the event brief in your ride/race kit. Riders finishing after the cut-off time may not be included in timed results.

Route + Trail Markings

Road Events
All courses will be marked with turn signs and/or paint markings on the road. Key intersections will be managed by police (OPP) and/or designated marshals.
Dirt Events
All the courses will be marked using tape, arrows, and signs. During the timed stages, we will do our best to mark the course at a high level, with all intersections well marked, along with dangers and hazard areas. BUT, please be aware that Enduro racing is not Downhill racing where the course is potentially only 2mins long. Do not expect the Enduro course to be marked at the same level of Downhill races. Some Enduro timed stages can be over 30 mins in length.
Riders who blatantly go off the trail or cut corners will be disqualified. In an effort to reduce trail erosion, please stick to the trail. Braiding of trails is a serious infraction and cutting corners/cheat lines will not be tolerated!

Rest Stops / Food Stations

  • There will be rest stops/food stations at all events. Energy bars, water and other snacks will be available.
  • Check Route + Trails for rest stop locations.
  • We do not make accommodations for people with allergies or intolerances.

Can I ride with friends?
Yes, for sure! Some events will have staggered stages for different categories. For these events, we ask that you remain in your designated category and meet up with your friends at rest stops/food stations!

Additional Questions
If you have any additional questions please contact using the form below.

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